Welcome to our new official website !logo_unreal

Ashura: Dark Reign has been on hold for quite a while, and things are hopefully going to be picking up some speed over the next few months.

We have shifted development over from Unreal Engine 3 to the more modern Unreal Engine 4, and have kindly been offered assistance from Ricardo from the Sonic Evolution team to use his outstanding Hedgehog Development Kit for the Unreal engine.

This bring new features and visuals that will add more kick to the game play offering us to expand the world in which Sonic can run and perform his ariel assaults. Not to mention better programming ability with rapid prototyping with the UE Blueprint system and not having to recompile the main code just to check a certain feature has been fixed.

In the meantime, browse our new site. Check out the sub-sections, Start and participate in discussions on our forum; or even post your fan art there too if you wish.

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