About the Studio

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Develop, Immerse, Enjoy
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  • We’re a virtual based studio

    XR-S is an online digital based studio. The team collaborates on projects, whilst adding to their personal portfolio and improves upon their current skills.

    Founded in 2004, the teams most innovated project ‘Ashura: Dark Reign – TechDemo’, received worldwide critical-acclaim, winning 3 awards as well as a notable mention in PC Gamer UK’s April 2009
    magazine “Mod of the month”, and pushed the Sonic fan gaming community into using modern game development methods.

  • We work hard, We play hard

    Our team comprises of individuals of all ages and backgrounds from across the Globe. Unified by our skills in creating an immersive experience and gameplay features so as our passion for conquering new worlds,
    battling unimaginable foes, collecting artifacts in the realms of only fantasy can provide.

    Have a project and would like us to contribute ?

  • Projects & Collaborations

    Ashura: Dark Reign Tech Demo – Project
    Project AXSX – Development Consultant
    Sonic GDK – Collaboration
    Unreal Championship 2004 – Collaboration
    Johnny the Homicidal Maniac – UT2004 Character model