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  • Studio Background

    XR-S was founded in 2004 under the name Solaris.as by Devon Leveri, and creative writer Mads Olav Nesje. Each member of the XR-S team is a true game enthusiast, giving the studio invaluable insight into creating an immersive experience for gamers; from rich environments to hands on gaming mechanics.

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  • Game Design & Technology

    By focusing on creating well-designed, enjoyable gameplay experiences, we use the latest tools available to us and build our worlds using the Unreal Engine. We at XR-S strive for quality in all our projects; and even assist in creative writing and game assets for various online groups and teams.

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  • Made with Love, Released for Free

    As a group of artists, we spend a great deal of time creating projects worthy of release. Sometimes these can go on for extended periods without any updates. But we love what we do, and we hope you will love it too when we get to share our efforts with you. Best of all when its free!

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We're a virtual based studio.

XR-S is an online digital based studio. The team comprises of artists of all ages and backgrounds from across the globe.

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We work hard, We play hard.

Unified by our skills in creating rich gameplay experiences, our passion for online combat is equally as powerful.

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We thrive on mass creativity.

Collaboration is the heart of XR-S, it is what shapes us, moulds us and leads us into the realm of impossible new worlds.

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Sonic The Hedgehog

Latest Project

Sonic the Hedgehog

Ashura: Dark Reign

After the success of the UT2004 TechDemo, ADR is currently being developed on Unreal Engine 4.

Sonic with the help of his trusted side-kick Tails, must race to put a stop to Dr. Eggman's most diabolical evil scheme before the entire planet is thrown into chaos and lives are completely ripped apart.

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"It looks startling. It has all the mechanics and ideas of previous and current Sonic games. Even Sonic's sarky foot-tapping is preserved!" - Tim Edwards

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Defeat Dr. Eggman & Smash Mechanized Bunnies

Journey to Sonic's home planet and guide him and his trusty sidekick Tails through several iconic locations as you battle against new and old foes whilst attempting to save the planet from ultimate destruction!

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